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LitSavant Conformity Engine - Features

The LitSavant Conformity Engine operates by allowing users to create Logics.  A Logic is equivalent to an event handler in that it evaluates a set of tests and then performs actions based on the result of those tests.  Each logic is associated with one or more layouts and contains one or more Conditions which the application evaluates.  Each Logic is also associated with one or more Result Processes - these are actions for the application to undertake and can be set to run when the Conditions evaluate as either true or false.

The key features of the application are

  • Configuration of event handler like functionality from within Relativity using standard Relativity interface
  • Securable using the standard Relativity security model
  • Instant activation and inactivation of individual Logics
  • Ability to modify individual Logics as and when required
  • Ability to define and reuse Conditions which are stored within a Conditions library
  • Conditions can reference any custom object as well as the document object
  • Result Processes can be configured with custom messages

Current functionality allows for three basic Result process types.  More are planned.  The current supported Result Process types are:

  • Send a message to the user onscreen
  • Send an email to a designated user
  • Write data to a field
The process of creating an electronic image of a paper document, usually for the purpose of loading into a litigation support system.
Mark Dingle
I did a lot of e-disclosure work for Mark Dingle when he was at Simmons & Simmons. He combines a very high level of technical skill with an extremely good knowledge of the court rules and an astute ability to combine the two (a rare combination) on behalf of his clients.
Chris Dale (Feb 2010)

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