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LitSavant Conformty Engine - Technical Specification

The LitSavant Conformity Engine is a standard Relativity application. As such, it is installed from an xml file.  The LitSavant Conformity Engine is supported on Relativity version 7.3 and higher.

When installing into Relativity version 7.3 you will only be able to load the application by using the Relativity Desktop Client.  You will also need system administration privileges.

When installing into Relativity version 7.4 you can load the application using the Relativity Desktop Client or via the web interface on the applications tab.  After the application has been installed for the first time in any given Relativity instance it will also be available for installation in a workspace via the application library.  As with version 7.3 you will need system administrator privileges to perform the initial installation.

Once the LitSavant Conformity Engine has been installed there is no additional technical specification for running it other than that it needs to operate under a user account with system administrator privileges.

The internal architecture of the LitSavant Conformity Engine includes familiar Relativity Objects (Views, Fields and Layouts) as well as some custom Objects and Rules.  Taken together these objects store the parameters for the logical operations that the user wants the system to do.  A series of Event Handlers then go ahead and actually execute those operations.

The disclosure of documents which are in electronic form.
Mark Dingle
I did a lot of e-disclosure work for Mark Dingle when he was at Simmons & Simmons. He combines a very high level of technical skill with an extremely good knowledge of the court rules and an astute ability to combine the two (a rare combination) on behalf of his clients.
Chris Dale (Feb 2010)

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