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Litigation Support Services

For law firms with offices in the UK, we can provide the services of a litigation support manager on a contract basis - to cope with a particularly large matter or to cover maternity leave for example.

Typically the work done by a litigation support manager might involve:

  • liaising with the client's IT team to identify, preserve and collect documents for disclosure
  • formulating a defensible strategy so as to minimise the amount of data that needs to be collected
  • identifying further culling strategies (such as keyword searching) to identify within the collected data those documents which require review
  • identifying suitable technologies and service providers to assist in the collection, culling and review process
  • training your legal team how to get the best out of the technology that you are using
  • designing quality control processes to monitor and confirm the accuracy of the review
  • coordinating the disclosure process
  • maintaining such audit logs as are required to ensure that the entire process stands up to scrutiny

For firms without an office inside the UK we offer the services of an independent consultant on the ground with extensive knowledge of the London market for litigation support services. In addition to the services outlined above, we can also:

  • assist with the selection and coordination of UK vendors in the collection, processing, review and production phases of your project
  • identify some of the constraints on moving data into and out of the jurisdiction (such as the Data Protection Act)
Electronic Discovery Reference Model: one of a number of industry initiatives to provide a common framework of terminology to describe the entire document lifecycle in the context of litigation.
Mark Dingle
Palmer Legal Technologies has had the pleasure of supporting Mark in a number of litigation projects and hold him in the highest regard. Mark is an intelligent and highly detail orientated professional with a wealth of experience and an enviable reputation in the litigation support field.
Adrian Palmer - MD, Palmer Legal Technologies (Feb 2010)

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