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LitSavant Conformity Engine - Overview

The LitSavant Conformity Engine is a Relativity® application which enables any authorised user to design and implement rules which can then be applied to the data entry process.  These rules may be used to generate real time alerts, to restrict incompatible data from being entered or to code additional properties against the active record.

The innovation in this application is that it puts control of the process of designing (and turning on) the data entry rules into the hands of a standard Relativity user.  Relatiivity's standard interface is used to enter the rules and no programming knowledge is required.

Up until now, the sort of functionality that the LitSavant Conformity Engine provides could only be done by one or more event handlers.  Event handlers are pieces of code that are usually commissioned for a speciic project or purpose, written by a programmer, compiled, tested and then implemented within a Relativity environment and workspace.  Event handlers of this kind may require updating when the underlying Relativity instance is upgraded and will usually need to be completely revisited if there is a need to tweak the way they operate.

Against this background we developed the LitSavant Conformity Engine to replace the need for event handlers for all but the most complex of tasks.  We wanted to be sure that it would be easy to design and refine the rules to be applied - in short we wanted you to be able to apply your rules to your data!!

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Mark Dingle
I did a lot of e-disclosure work for Mark Dingle when he was at Simmons & Simmons. He combines a very high level of technical skill with an extremely good knowledge of the court rules and an astute ability to combine the two (a rare combination) on behalf of his clients.
Chris Dale (Feb 2010)

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